Bloodlines is a collection of poems that explore a woman’s experience of growing up without a father. The collection is chronologically arranged, beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood. Bloodlines engages with themes of loss, abandonment, memory, landscape, cultural disinheritance, and biological inheritance.

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‘Brockbank makes concrete the absence of a father she’s never known in a series of vividly imagined poetic encounters. The poems are elegant, imagistic and finely tuned to love and loss. Most importantly, her poetry packs an emotional punch that resonates beyond an individual’s story. A wonderful new voice.’

Stephanie Norgate  


‘This is a book about an absent father, but its metaphors explore a range of distances, not only those within a family, but also the distances that we have put between ourselves and the natural world. Bloodlines skilfully deploys folklore and history and marks the arrival of a talented poet.’  

David Swann