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BOOK LAUNCH! My debut pamphlet, Bloodlines will be launched on Wednesday 28th February 2018 between 4-5p.m. in the Academic Block: 2.03 at the University of Chichester. There will be an opportunity to hear me read some of the poems from Bloodlines and purchase a copy (I’ll sign it too if you wish!).

Hope to see you there.




Great news! My debut pamphlet, Bloodlines is now available to preorder here.

Bloodlines is a collection of poems that explore a woman’s experience of growing up without a father. The collection is chronologically arranged, beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood. Bloodlines engages with themes of loss, abandonment, memory, landscape, cultural disinheritance, and biological inheritance.




Between the 23rd October – 6th November, I researched and wrote at the Museum of Motherhood (MOM) in St.Petersburg, Florida. During my residency, I responded creatively to MOM’s wealth of exhibits and art which incorporated a range of mothering concepts, and inspired me to embody my own matrifocal experience through poetry.

To find out more about my activities during my residency at MOM, follow me on Twitter @hannahbrockbank or on Instagram @hannahbrockbankwriter . To find out more about MOM, click here.

Nezu Shrine (Work in Progress) in an article on creative process written during my residency at the Museum of Motherhood in St. Petersburg, Florida